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Lyon Air Conditioning provides air conditioning services for customers across Ashford.

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Air Conditioning Services Ashford

At Lyon Air Conditioning Services Ltd, we provide air conditioning installation to a wide range of commercial and domestic customers across Ashford.

We can help you to find the right air conditioning system for your home or business premises, and install it for you. Our systems are affordable and high-quality. With over 15 years of experience in air conditioning, we can design, install, maintain, and repair the right air conditioning unit to suit your lifestyle and needs. 

After your air conditioning unit has been installed, we will carry out regular checks on your system to make sure it’s working to the best of its ability. These inspections, which include regular filter cleaning, mean your air conditioning will continue to improve your air quality, reduce your energy bills, and reduce the likelihood that the unit will break down. 

If anything does go wrong with your unit, there’s no need to worry, as we have engineers in Ashford ready to come to your aid. All our expert engineers are also F-Gas certified, so you know that any work we do is safe. 

All of our air conditioning engineers are specialists and ready to guide you in the right choice for you from the latest in air conditioning installations, technologies, and equipment. With these developments, you can reduce your carbon footprint with more efficient air conditioning, and lower your heating and cooling costs too.

Get your FREE air con quote today! - Call us on 01474 854559

Air Conditioning Repairs Ashford

If your air conditioning has stopped working when you need it most, whether in your office or your home, things can get hot pretty quickly. The last thing you want is to have to wait ages to get an air conditioning repair specialist to you. At Lyon Air Conditioning, we offer emergency repair services, so you’re not left without your air conditioning for too long. 

You always want to know any repairs are being carried out in a safe way. All Lyon’s engineers F-Gas certified, which means they carry out checks and audits in line with F-Gas regulations. When our work is done, your air conditioning will be in good working order and safe for you to use. 

Our expert engineers are all highly trained to deal with air conditioning repairs of all kinds, from filter cleaning to replacing worn-out components. Faults and breakdowns with your air conditioning can be a massive pain and cause a lot of problems, especially for businesses. Regular maintenance, including regular cleaning, inspections, and health tests, are an important part of keeping your air conditioning in good working order and of improving the longevity of the whole system. With our help, knowledge and products, you can make your system more energy-efficient and productive. 

Don’t be left sweating when your air conditioning has gone wrong, and call in our Ashford air conditioning repair team for help instead, and get back to a comfortable temperature in no time at all. 

Air Con Ashford

We offer air conditioning options to domestic customers in Ashford. Our air conditioning systems all make the most of the latest technology to make them dependable and reliable. We have plenty of options to suit the needs and budget of just about any domestic customer. Whether you want a large-scale ducted air conditioning unit, or a smaller wall mounted air conditioning opinion, we can design and install your whole system to suit your home. 

You can always rely on Lyon Air Conditioning to install an energy-efficient air conditioning unit in your Ashford home. With our systems, you can keep the temperature in your home to your preferred temperature, without having too much of an impact on the environment. This is not only a greener option for cooling and heating your home, but it is also kinder to your wallet too! From the early stages of design to the final installation and keeping your unit maintained, our team are experts in eco-friendly air conditioning and can get yours up and running in no time. 

For commercial customers in Ashford, we can get your air conditioning installed with as little disruption to your business operations as possible, so you don’t lose any productivity.  Our office and commercial air conditioners are energy efficient to help you lower your bills. Our engineers will design a system that suits what your business needs and can lead you through the whole process, from design to maintenance. 

Keep your employees comfortable with our air conditioning. We install, maintain, and service all types of units, so you can keep your Ashford premises cool.